Swiss beaches

There is now one tropical beach in Switzerland, complete with coconut crab.  By private invitation only, as it’s on a bathroom door.


I’ll be exhibiting in Teignmouth in August as part of TRAIL

Get naked

I am currently exhibiting in the Bowie Gallery, Totnes as part of the ‘Get Naked’ show from June 19 – July 2.   See

Salon des carnets de Voyage

I’m heading back to St Hippolyte du Fort in the south of France to participate in the 2nd ‘Salon des carnets de voyage et des BD’.  I can’t wait to see all my friends again and soak up a bit of that mediterranean sunshine.  I’m also helping lead a workshop making sketchbook journals on Saturday 3rd July in Les Maquis, under La Galerie du Bout du Monde, St Hippo.. come along!

Appledore Arts Festival

I’m leading a workshop called ‘Sketchbook Journeys’ inspired by the coast at this year’s Appledore Arts Festival, North Devon.  The workshop is a free drop-in workshop on Sunday 6th June.  Come and join in!

Durham exhibition

I’ll be exhibiting in Hatfield College, University of Durham from June 18 – 25.

Gandy Street


The Beech

Climate Change exhibition

I shall be exhibiting with Denbighshire Arts in Rhyl from 27th Feb to 10th April.  The theme is Climate Change.  One piece is a basket woven from yew, holly and eucalyptus bark, highlighting themes of introduced and indigenous species.  Another is a photoetching (process learnt with Double Elephant in Exeter – thanks!) using images of sea and a sculpture in Ottawa of two figures on a bench with an apple, entitled ‘the secret bench of knowledge’ by Lea Vivot.  The third is a photo I took in Terra Nova of the last days of a ‘bergy bit’ (iceberg) trapped in the warm waters around the park.  I’ve called it ‘Endangered, Threatened, Extirpated, Extinct’ from four of the internationally recognised stages of extinction.  Dave Coté is the last man standing.

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