Sailing-ship-Greenland-2-15I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be taking part in the second leg of the Darwin200 UK expedition on the Tall Ship ‘Pelican of London‘ this summer.
Darwin200 is an environmental conservation organisation working with young people to study some of the most important areas of marine science. I’ll be joining them as artist in residence as we sail from historic Glasgow docks through the Hebrides, St Kilda and round to the Isle of Skye, looking at cetacean and seabird surveys and ocean plastic pollution.
They have been consulting with my good friends at ExeterMarine about our work with ocean plastic and I’ll be carrying on some of the work we did and making new work about the journey.
Darwin200 have very generously sponsored 50% of my costs to join the expedition, but I’m raising the other 50% myself, so if you are able to donate to my fundraiser, I’d be very grateful. I do understand that these are difficult times for many of us, so please don’t feel obliged!
There’s a link here
Thank you for your support.

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