Fogbound in the ice

untitled-200524 July 2015 00:30

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this.  We are moored up to an ice floe, now stern into one and bows into another, about 15 nautical miles SSE of Scoresby Sund in the Denmark Strait (previously the Greenland Sea).  I’ve just been out to check the weather – still foggy, so no point waking everyone to carry on – and we are drifting at about 0.9 nm per hour south, as we are now caught in the current.  Other than the first few minutes when we first saw the icebergs, I am not scared.  Though perhaps I should be.

Leaving Husavik I was sick as a dog for 48 hours, vomiting about 12 times until the end was that brilliant greeny-yellow colour of bile and stomach acid.  I tried 3 times to make my watches, but could not stand or sit upright, so ended up on the saloon settee, in everyone’s way, opening my eyes to see them coming or going from watch – wet, cold, sick, tired and having to do extra because of me.  I have had half a glass of cranberry juice, 2 bites of bread and half a cup-a-soup in 48 hours.  Urine, when I first go and for the next 10 hours is a violent sunset orange – slightly more alarming than the fluorescent yellow after D gave me Vitamin C tablets.

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