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I’ve been commissioned to create a new, temporary, site-specific artwork for an empty shop in Exeter this Spring.

The project is led by Exeter Culture and involves Exeter City Council, the Devon and Exeter Institution, Liveable Exeter and is funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund.

Inspired by the Exe Estuary and by 200-year-old books on natural history in the Devon and Exeter Institution (DEI), I will be creating an artwork from the ground up. From the women at the centre of international scientific research in 1685 to today, from beachcombing to global trade, from our dinner plates to dinosaurs, ‘Shell’ will tell the hidden stories of science and art.

Because of lockdown, we are not quite sure of the dates, but hoping for early April.

Watch this space…
Linking with that, and to mark International Women’s Day, Arts and Culture University of Exeter has invited the artists to speak about our new commissions, and two leading academics from the University of Exeter, Dr Ceri Lewis and Dr Rebecca Lovell, to speak about their relevant research in the natural and social sciences.
I have previously worked with Dr Ceri Lewis in the Galapagos, so it’s lovely to continue our collaboration.

This event will be hosted by Sarah Campbell, Associate Director for Arts and Culture, University of Exeter (UoE)

The speakers will be:

  • Naomi Hart, artist, and Dr Ceri Lewis, Associate Professor in Marine Biology (UoE)
  • Emma Molony, artist, and Dr Rebecca Lovell, Research Fellow at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (UoE)
This online event is FREE and will be on March 8th at 5pm.
You can book tickets here.
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